Round 2 of travel month! Destination: Port Aransas!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The weekend after the graduation and Mother's Day, the Grohmann clan headed to the "coast" (as my mother-in-love calls it) to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend at the "beach" (as I call it) with family and a belated birthday celebration for Casey's 23rd birthday.

Let's talk weather first. What's the worst thing to hear when you've planned to go somewhere to relax in the sunshine? RAIN! The weather forecast predicted rain all weekend. Luckily weatherman can't always predict the weather. And as Grandma Keillor says, "In Texas if you don't like the weather, wait a minute." Course we indeed got our fair share of sprinkles. On the drive down on Friday, we survived the monsoon rain in Sugarland but good thing that was the worst of it. On Saturday it rained for a good part of the morning (thank goodness for the Wii) but then it cleared up in time for swimming in the afternoon. After that, no more drops.

While in the past we've usually stayed at the Gulfstream Condos on Mustand Island, this time we were treating, so I decided to pick somewhere different. My ultimate choice taking price and amenities into account was the Sandpiper Condos. Twelve floors of gulfront condos offering spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico, a heated swimming pool, a fitness room, two tennis courts, a shuffleboard, table tennis, boardwalk to the beach, DSL internet in every unit and more! (I sound like an ad for the place - where's my commission?) We stayed in unit #1103 so we were pretty high up. The view of the Gulf was spectacular, but as I'm afraid of heights, I didn't venture out onto the balcony nor did I dare walk close to the railing on the outdoor hallway leading to our unit.

Despite the early setback with the rain, we ultimately had a wonderful little vacation. Andrew and I got a good workout in at the the fitness room (no rinky dink machines - they had a PreCor elliptical). We enjoyed several dips in the pool and Andrew enjoyed playing Casey at table tennis (although he was badly beaten and Casey admitted he was only giving 10%). We all worked on our bowling games on the Wii, including mom (it's funny watching her kick up her leg after every bowl hoping that will steer the ball right). And we ate, snacked and ate some more. Elizabeth finally discovered she likes grapes and couldn't get enough. I kept telling her to give them a chance!

Here she's so excited from swimming in the pool with her floaty that she kept wanting to lay in it in the condo.

Course what's a weekend at the beach without actually going to the beach? So we had to make at least one trip out to the shore so Elizabeth could experience the sand and saltwater. She's changed so much since last year's trip to the beach. Even though her first instinct was to shove a fistful of sand into her mouth (like last year), she delighted in playing in the water and occasionally taking a spill because of the current.

Sadly the weekend went by too fast. Thankfully we decided to take off work on Monday and enjoy a 3-day weekend. It was a good feeling on Sunday knowing we had an extra day to relax. And because we left on Monday with no traffic and lines, we decided to ride the ferry across to Aransas Pass instead of going through Corpus. Elizabeth's first ferry ride! Though the ride lasted all but 3 minutes, it was neat getting to experience something different.

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