18 months!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elizabeth is 18 months old today! Wow time flies. My baby is getting to be a big girl everyday. This hilarious picture was taken on Saturday. I love it so much. I call it her paparazzi shot (dark sunglasses and blurry).

Here's a list of her measurements, milestones and accomplishments!

Weight: 21 lbs 13 oz.
Height: 30 1/4 inches
Head Cf: 46 3/4 cm

Her words (I may be forgetting some, but these I know for sure): Mama, Dada, Dexter, Casey, Jesus, apple, baby, ball, bath, bear, bird, blanket, blocks, bubbles, bye-bye, car, cat, cow, cracker, dog, duck, egg, fan, giraffe, hi, light, milk, moon, more, mouth, mouse, rah (for lion), papa, shoes, snack, sock, star, thank-you, toes, uh oh, up, walrus, water, wow, yogurt

She can point to these body parts: hair, head, ears, nose, mouth, hands, fingers, bellybutton, toes, foot

She can sign "eat," "more," "milk," "please," and "thank-you"

She can walk really fast but she hasn't taken off running yet. Maybe soon.

She sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes one 2-3 hour nap during the day. She sleeps with a lovey and blanket. I have two of each so she has them at both daycare and home.

She's been in the Toddler 1 room at daycare for a couple months now. She LOVES her room and is always in a happy mood. She enjoys the soft play area and playing outside (when it hasn't been so hot). Because all the children in her classroom take a nap on the floor at the same time, Elizabeth sleeps so much better now. Pretty consistent 2-hour naps. In the other rooms, she would hardly sleep in her crib for fear she was missing all the action. Needless to say she's been a lot cheerier in the evenings because she's not so sleep deprived.

From the post "Dancing for Joy. Finally a Post!" I wrote that she moved up to a convertible car seat in April. We still have her rear facing, and I plan to have her rear facing for as long as possible. But so far she's liking the cushioning and being able to look back and see us in the front seats.

She's a pretty good eater for the most part and enjoys a wide variety of foods. Some days it takes a little coaxing for her to eat her dinner (mixing her dinner with other food she loves, singing songs, making a game out of it, feeding her animals, etc.). Luckily she doesn't need too much coaxing. Hopefully as she becomes an older toddler she won't turn into a picky eater.

Activities: Reading books and pulling all her books off the shelf; coloring; playing peek-a-boo; watching her learning DVDs; climbing on everything; pushing her baby doll in its stroller; getting into mama's purses and shoes; wearing mama's purses; trying to put on her own shoes; getting her hair blown out by mama's hairdryer, playing with chair seat buckles; pulling all the pillows off the sofa; pushing chairs; pushing our big blue exercise ball around the room; playing with her small purple bouncy ball; stacking blocks, playing with her puzzles, playing with her toy CD player; playing with her tea set; feeding her toys; looking out the window ... And getting into trouble.

Food: pasta, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, bananas, grapes, pears, peaches, dried apples/pears/bananas/strawberries, green beans, peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, chicken, nut butter and jelly sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, bagels, goldfish, ketchup

The vacuum cleaner, the Dustbuster, the lawnmower (anything that makes loud noises, except mama's hairdryer); most fruit (I'm working on it. tips anyone? amazingly she eats more fruit at daycare); too spicy food (flavor enhanced, not hot) ... And not getting her way/being told "No."

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The Nichols Fam said...

Yay Elizabeth!!!! Where can I get a doll that feeds other dolls? Precious!:) Miss you guys!