Dancing for joy. Finally a post!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elizabeth is dancing for joy (yes, she's learned to "twirl") Yea, finally a post! Sorry for not keeping everyone updated in a while! Hmm, since our last post, a lot has transpired! Here's a recap on events in the Grohmann household.

In October Elizabeth celebrated her first Halloween by dressing up as the cutest pumpkin ever and going trick-or-treating (via stroller). The highlight of the evening was not all the candy she received (and she had a lot of candy) but seeing our neighbor's Great Pyrenees, Nelson. What can I say, Elizabeth loves dogs!

In November Elizabeth ate spaghetti for the first time and loved it! A girl after her daddy's heart (for those of you who don't know, Andrew's favorite meal of all time is spaghetti). She also took her first steps on November 21st and celebrated the big #1 birthday on the 25th with family and friends. The highlight of her birthday party was lifting her whole birthday cake with both hands and putting it up to her mouth! I'll have to post the video of that another day since we'll have to borrow it from the in-laws. Thanksgiving was spent in San Antonio so while in town, she also visited the Alamo and the Riverwalk for the first time!

In December she picked out her first Christmas tree, met Santa for the first time, switched to the big girl tub and watched her Uncle walk across the stage at her first graduation! Uncle Casey graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi on December 19th. Go Casey!

There seems to be no news from January. It was a cold month and we didn't get out much!

In February Elizabeth attended her first Super Bowl party. She was rooting for the Colts and luckily had to go to bed before she could watch them lose to the Saints. We were excited that Aunt Amy could come into town that weekend! For Valentine's Day weekend, we traveled to San Antonio. Andrew took me out to dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse for my first time there. Sadly we didn't get to see the lady swing; she had retired for the night. Boo! But it was nice having family around to babysit Elizabeth so we could have an evening out. The next weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Keillor drove up to Houston for a visit. My mom had a landscape design course at A&M the following week and I bribed my dad, the biggest model train enthusiast on the planet, with a train show that was in town that weekend. We celebrated Fat Tuesday by donning Elizabeth with some of my old Mardi Gras beads - Elizabeth got them for being cute.

March brought the Oscars, Elizabeth's first trip to the Houston Live Stockshow and Rodeo, and the big 30th Birthday for me. I found my new favorite place to shop - Arne's Warehouse and Party Store. Any party theme you want and they have it! At our Oscar party, Elizabeth was nervous at first at stepping on the red carpet through the gold curtain, but she soon started having fun! At the Rodeo, Elizabeth got to pet a real live cow and bunny and savor her first turkey leg (now a girl after mommy's heart!). And now she can officially say "This ain't my first rodeo!" For my birthday, both sets of parents/grandparents and Amy, Casey and Erwin were able to come into town to celebrate. Thank you so much to them and to all our dear wonderful friends who could come to the party. We had a blast eating sushi and rocking out to Rock Band!

We spent Easter weekend in San Antonio. Except for a very scary night on Saturday, the weekend was fun and Elizabeth enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs and her Easter basketS on Sunday. Elizabeth had been running a fever since Good Friday and we had been giving her Motrin and Tylenol as usual. Elizabeth was active and playful like normal and the fever had gone down on Saturday afternoon, but had gone back up to 102 in the evening right before dinner, so Andrew gave her another dose of Motrin. Even as she started eating her dinner she was acting fine ... right up until her lips started quivering and she sunk back in her booster seat, going unconscious. We know now that she had a febrile seizure brought on by the spike in her temperature that day. I hope we'll never experience that again - those few short minutes when she was unconscious were without a doubt, the scariest moments in my life. I think I lost 5 years of my life! But thanks to the paramedics and hospital staff, we're better prepared in case something like this happens again. Although we were in another city, I'm so thankful we had our family there for support. My "mother-in-love" especially. She has seen me through some scary, tough times! If you're reading this and have small children, I would do a little research yourself on febrile seizures. That way you can be more prepared in case something were to happen. Needless to say we were exhausted on Easter Sunday, but we celebrated the wonderful day. Yea, Jesus is risen! I guess Elizabeth's seizure couldn't have come at a better time to remind me of God's love for us.

Elizabeth's new car seats came in last week! She finally outgrew her infant car seat (in height, not weight) and both of us got tired of lugging her to daycare in it. Too bad we had to buy one for each car. That's one advantage of the infant seat I won't miss. So far, she's liking them and I love the cute color! The real test will come when we go on our next road trip. The extra padding in this seat should be more comfortable on her tushy and allow for an easier time for everyone!

I'm calling May, "Travel Month." We have 3 weekend trips planned, one being Elizabeth's first plane ride! Elizabeth also turns 18 months old May 25. Check back for more details!

Just looking through all these pictures, it's as if my baby has become a big girl overnight! She must have had a big growth spurt between March and April. She's definitely gotten more hair since the New Year.

If you've read this far, sorry for being out of touch so long and having to write a book to catch everyone up. Maybe if Andrew posted too (hint, hint) we would have an easier time staying updated! Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

She is such a doll Becky!! So glad you posted lots of pictures!

The Thomas Family said...

Yea for blogging! I thought you were gone forever. What a fun post to read tonight. Elizabeth is so precious! - Marlie