Picasso and Norm Abrams

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Elizabeth turned 5 months on Saturday. Her teachers have already helped her draw with crayons at daycare so we figure we'd better try at home. She was more interested in trying to eat them than draw with them (as seen by the evidence left on her chin). But her picture was very creative. Maybe we have an aspiring artist on our hands.

Or maybe a master craftsman? She also helped Andrew put together her high chair today. She really enjoyed reading the directions and telling him which piece came next. Here's her posing in it for the first time. I think she's going to like eating with us at dinnertime. But that's not for another month. My plan for now is to get her used to sitting in it with us before we introduce solid foods. Not too many new things at once!

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The Nichols Fam said...

She is having so much fun- she is too cute!!!